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Let us acknowledge that the Quinte region is traditionally home to Anishinaabe (Ah- nish-in-ah-bay), Huron-Wendat (Huron-wen-dat) and Haudenosaunee (Ho-den-o-show-nee) people. We are grateful to be orchestrated by the Most High to live, play, learn, and serve with them, on this land, in this time --- for a higher calling and greater purpose. 

Our acknowledgement represents our recognition of this region's longer history, one predating the settlement of the earliest European immigrants. Given that the churches in this region are many, our direct call-to-action is for local churches, institutions, organizations, small local businesses and community members to take time this year, to engage in truth and reconcili-action to foster peace and unity for us all; as ONE united race of people.

We are hue(mans); regardless of our gender, racial, cultural and alternative identities. And so, we invite our regional residents to work together as ONE to acknowledge, address and repair historical and present day injustices. QCIC forecasts that our joint effort will put our region on the global map, recognizing our local organizations, institutions, businesses and residents as those who pro-actively engaged in deep, difficult, self-reflective work to be radically truthful; fostering reconciliation through real action. While Equity, Inclusion and Diversity policies and procedures are essential, real change stems from the heart.
We're calling the Quinte region to observe the bodies of water on our planet. They collectively reject and transcend imaginary lines of division, labels and identity they've been assigned. Because permaculture inspires us to synchronize with natural systems of our planet, let's pace towards labels of identity that unify us while honouring our similarities and differences.

"Reconciliation is about our common future."
- Phil Fontaine, Chief of Assembly of First Nations

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