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Tweet Tweet - The Pink Penguin

The Belleville Public Library hosted Dr. Eleanor Wint on February 24th this African Heritage Month (2024) to introduce her publication to our community.

"The Adventures of Tweet Tweet: The Really Awesome Penguin" is a fictional text she co-wrote and published with her granddaughter, Lois Wint-Rose. Give it a browse and a read on your next visit to the Public Library.

This book is hitting library and book store shelves to convey that Afro-Indigenous authors can write and publish books about anything... including pink penguins.

Do you have a library card?

If you do, amazing! If you don't... no problem. Show up to the library and visit the Customer Service desk to your left hand side when you walk to the room at the end of the hallway. Show them a picture id, and get yourself a FREE library card. Borrow books. Attend workshops. Integrate the public library as a part of your family learning time.

Parents and other family members are the first teachers that children (students) encounter when they're born into our planet.

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