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Permaculture Club




8 months


About the Course

An 8-month journey with 8 community meetings at the selected Permaculture Club grow site at your school, church or organization. We work with you to create outdoor learning centres, studios, and eco-systems. Using the Permaculture Club ethics and principles, your learning network will find meaningful ways to look for connections between plants and people -- a process that can be paired to help your organization meet your corporate Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) policies and procedures.

The Permaculture Club is an experience which allows students, educators, parents, caregivers, siblings, pets and the greater community to come together to grow food, community connections and solutions. This club is designed to be most effective when led by Educators who have a comprehensive understanding of student-led, enquiry-based learning models proposed by the Ontario Kindergarten Program.

Considering the three key permaculture principles, "fair share", "care for people", and "care for earth" seamlessly align with the three key kindergarten principles which is often summed up by the phrase, "share, care, play fair".

These principles are italicized as they are actions and not static words on our corporate web and print assets. Rather, our key principles are active actions.

Your Instructor

Quinte Cultural Innovation Committee

Cost includes some garden material including plants and soil to get you started. Book a free consultation. Call/Text 647-408-2707.

Quinte Cultural Innovation Committee
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